Software to Manage Costs and Performance


CostPerform is being used by various Federal Government agencies in the US, in addition to agencies in other countries. It is used for output costing, fee studies, IT costing,


Most Dutch hospitals use CostPerform to calculate the unit and total costs of their procedures and Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs).

City councils

CostPerform is used by more than 100 Swedish city councils. The cost model calculates the cost of care for elderly people.


A merchant bank in Europe has developed and implemented a cost allocation model primarily for justifying charges to third parties as well as providing a reliable and accurate basis for invoicing the cost to third parties.


KPN, the Dutch incumbent telephone operator has around 8 million customers. KPN uses CostPerform for their regulatory reporting to the telecom authority.


An Italian-based production company manufactures innovative, high-end sports guns. In 2008 they were looking for a replacement


A Dutch-based health insurance company uses CostPerform to monitor and improve the costs of the claims handling process.Another Dutch-based pension fund.


A Belgium-based university uses CostPerform to calculate the cost of each course offering and uses the information to seek cost improvement options.


A Dutch-based food wholesale and logistics company uses CostPerform to get an operational grip on product group profitability.