Software to Manage Costs and Performance


Health insurance

A Dutch-based health insurance company uses CostPerform to monitor and reduce the costs of their insurance policies handling process. Every period they determine Profit and loss per policy and base their long run strategy partly on the information coming out of CostPerform. The success of CostPerform inspired other divisions to start using CostPerform

Pension fund

Another Dutch-based pension fund processor uses CostPerform to quote and forecast the effects of new business on their current performance. This company was able to quickly modify their IT system to handle client specific pension issues for new clients at low costs. They found the same flexibility in CostPerform.


  • Achmea, The Netherlands
  • Aegon, The Netherlands
  • ASR, The Netherlands
  • Generali, The Netherlands
  • Belfius insurance, Belgium
  • Delta Lloyd insurance, The Netherlands
  • Delta Lloyd insurance, Belgium
  • Univé, The Netherlands
  • National Life, US
  • Superpartners, Australia
  • De Goudse Verzekeringen, The Netherlands